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Inhumanity and Love in Auschwitz

There are different types of people reacting to certain events.
Me myself, I can say that I am a really emotional person when it comes to the topic holocaust and national socialism.
So you can tell that visiting Auschwitz and Birkenau was a difficult challenge for me.
Goose bumps, tears,sobs everything was involved, it felt like the souls of the victims wanted me to be sorry for them and that was exactly what I felt. I felt ashamed of the human beings horrible ability, when it comes to racism. I’ts not about what the nazis have done to the jewish population. It could have been every population doesn’t matter if christian, muslim, jude or hindu …What matters is that such a horrible mass murders was committed to the humanity. And that’s why it was not bad to show emotions in front of strangers, because they are all humans and feel somehow the same way.
So there was this little girl I have met during the tour in Auschwitz. I was in one of the buildings, where the nazis were running tests on the jewish, with all of the other visitors and my class mates. We were listening to the guide in front of us, who where telling us what exactly happened with all of the dead bodies after they got useless. I had recognized someone in my back trying to sneak threw our group. The person was small, had a pale face, blue dyed short hair fitting to her Dr. Martens boots and had a long black coat and a black beanie on. She seemed to be alone, when she tried to pass me. I let her threw with a shy smile. I think she felt the sadness in my eyes, when she tried to get threw all the people. That was the only contact we had before she disappeared.


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After some really brutal images, I decided not to go on with the tour and left, with my friend somehow carrying me out of the building. Walking to the venue, where the rest of our group was, the little girl was waiting there before she had noticed me and ran in my direction to give me an intense hug. I never would have thought, that a hug from a stranger could fulfill me at such a moment. I was really grateful for her hug, it was so lovely and adorable to now that you are never alone. I saw her later on a few times and had the chance to find out, that she was there with her parents, who were alway waiting for her, when she tried to be there for me the couple other times at the visit. Everything she wanted to say to me all the time, was just that I am an incredible person, to make me feel better. The best part of this was that it didn’t matter what nationality I had, or who i was. There was a cohesion and knowing that people don’t stop to spread love not even at such a bad place of inhumanity was satisfying and incredible. That simple hug made my entire year and will also shape my life and I hope there will be more people in the future experiencing something eye opening similar to this.

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